Hello World!


My name is Dilek Uz.

I like economics, among other things.

I will be sharing my thoughts on economic issues on this blog which is just what the world needs, I figured!

As the title may have already hinted, I will try to write in a way that is accessible to, well, very smart toddlers.

Why? Because I like simplicity and more importantly, I like smart toddlers.

Full disclosure: I didn’t really come up with it myself.

I heard it from Sofia Villas-Boas when I was in graduate school.

She told us that we should be able to describe our research so that a smart toddler can understand what we do.

I thought it is such a powerful way to describe what is really needed: a simple no nonsense account on things that matter.

So, here you have it toddlers and others…

Chew away!



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